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Jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï announce their project of merger

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Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï announce plans for a friendly merger that should be closed in March 2015. The acquisition of Lowendalmasaï allows Alma Consulting Group to consolidate its European leadership in performance improvement consulting.

In line with its strategic development plan presented in 2014, Alma Consulting Group aims with Lowendalmasaï’s acquisition to redefine the outline of the sector through new offerings. This merger is based on a vision shared by the management teams of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï of the market expectations.


Specifically, the proposed merger would allow Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï to: 

  • Bridge two groups whose expertise is complementary, in order to anticipate new customer requirements so as to better respond to them, to widen the existing opportunities, to strengthen offers requiring high-value consultancy, to accelerate innovation and conquer new markets. 
  • Consolidate and strengthen the positions of the two groups in Europe and internationally in 15 countries particularly in performance improvement consulting for companies, especially in the context of the dynamic economic and regulatory changes that is affecting these market
  • Building a bright future for the teams of both groups, based on shared values


Hervé Amar, President of Alma Consulting Group, said: "This is an exciting project for Alma Consulting Group, which aims to launch our two groups into a solid and ambitious future, by consolidating our leadership in the whole sector. The complementarity of our expertise and Lowendalmasaï’s expertise will allow us to go conquer new areas and markets both in France and abroad. Finally, our common philosophy oriented toward top quality advice and shared values enable us to proceed in this project with enthusiasm and confidence. »


Pierre Lasry, Chairman and founder of Lowendalmasaï said: "I am pleased about this friendly merger with the unchallenged market leader. Indeed it represents a tremendous opportunity for Lowendalmasaï teams to deploy their expertise and know-how within a wider set. This project is in line with the transformation underway in Lowendalmasaï for several years: thanks to the merger with Alma Consulting Group, customers would be offered new advisory solutions or high value-added tools to meet their growing needs, in these times of long lasting crisis. "


Press contacts:
Alma Consulting Group: Sophie Cormary, Communications Director
scormary@almacg.com / Direct: + 33 1 41 49 10 39 / Mobile +33 6 17 04 22 26

Lowendalmasaï: Caroline Sueur, Communication Manager
csueur@lowendalmasai.com / Direct: + 33 1 83 72 72 23; Mobile: + 33 6 19 63 21 03



About Alma Consulting Group

Alma Consulting Group provides its clients with advice and custom optimization solutions and decision support to improve their performance and competitiveness in terms of Human Resources, Financing Innovation, taxes, grants and public and private partnerships, Purchasing and Copyright. These five activities are organized from January 2014, in the form of International Business Units. European leader in each of its business, Alma Consulting Group puts its experts and skills to serve its clients. Its audit and consulting methods based on the idea that every detail can be a source of value creation for the company. Alma Consulting Group has established itself as a facilitator in the client's relationship with other stakeholders (government, business, vendor, ...). The Group aims to improve and streamline this relationship to optimize the performance of its customers. Alma Consulting Group (turnover 164 million € and 1,300 employees) is present in the Benelux, Canada, Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. The group is approved by the Office for Professional Qualification in Management Councils, member of Syncost and Syntec Management consultancy, ISO 9001 certified by AFNOR Certification.

Press contact:
Sophie Cormary,
Communications Director - scormary@almacg.com
Direct: + 33 1 41 49 10 39; Mobile +33 6 17 04 22 26


About Lowendalmasaï

Lowendalmasaï is a consulting firm in cost management. Lowendalmasaï helps their customers to better control their daily costs, to improve long-term performance, while preserving their human capital. Our team of experts specialized by industry, put creation and innovation at the heart of their action. They continuously monitor the market and regulatory changes to detect and invent new cost optimization levers on five main areas: taxation, social, purchase, changes in working capital and innovation. The firm receives payment based on measurable and concrete results and added value brought in the short, medium and long term by the process improvement, knowledge transfer and building cost management tools. Lowendalmasaï, founded in 1992, is led by its founder Pierre Lasry. Lowendalmasaï employs 360 people in 9 countries: Germany, Benelux, China, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and Portugal.

Press contact:
Caroline Sueur, Communication Manager -
Direct : + 33 1 83 72 72 23; Mobile : + 33 6 19 63 21 03

Jeudi 8 janvier 2015
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