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Mardi 18 novembre 2014

Alma Consulting Group brings shareholders and bankers together on its five year strategic development plan

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Just a few days prior to the completion of Alma group's debt restructuring and capital reorganisation, Hervé Amar, President of Alma Consulting Group, brought all of the group's shareholders and lenders together on its strategic development project for the next five years.

The transformation plan initiated at the start of 2014 is now paying off with:


the imminent end of the accelerated safeguard measures initiated by the group's holding companies following the decision of Nanterre Commercial Court, expected at the end of November:

  • strengthening, simplification and stabilisation of the group's governance;
  • rallying of the group's lenders and shareholders, including founder Marc Eisenberg, around the strategic development project;
  • the mission entrusted to Alvarez & Marsal to examine acquisition opportunities on the group's markets in France and internationally.


The priority objectives of the five year strategic development project are to:

  • create value and develop new activities that complement Alma Consulting Group's core businesses;
  • strengthen Alma Consulting Group's position as leader in its traditional core businesses;
  • develop the group's activities on new markets in France and internationally, to increase expertise to deal with cyclical and regulatory developments;
  • anticipate new challenges for companies through high added value consulting in order to conceive the businesses of the future and propose innovative solutions to complement the operational support the group has been developing for the last 30 years.

For Hervé Amar, President of Alma Consulting Group: “With its strategic development plan, Alma Consulting Group is reaffirming its confidence in the positive prospects offered by its business sector. I am delighted that our lenders and shareholders are today rallying around this project, which marks a new phase for our group. Over the last ten months, I devoted all my energy to putting the Group back on course so that it can once again operate smoothly, with optimum performance. I now want to lead it forward to its new projects and pursue its transformation process in order to establish a profitable and sustainable business model.”



Presse contacts :

Sophie Cormary – Communication Director
01 41 49 10 39 – 06 17 04 22 26 - scormary@almacg.com

Laurence Margoline – Communication Manager
01 41 49 11 17 – 06 29 73 30 33 - lmargoline@almacg.com


About Alma CG:

As a consultancy firm, Alma Consulting Group works with its clients to improve their performance through decision support and optimisation solutions in terms of: Human Resources, Financing Innovation, Taxes, Subsidies and public & private partnerships, Purchasing and outsourcing of purchasing and copyrights.

As a European leader in its business areas, Alma CG offers its expertise to each of its clients and provides them with customised solutions aiming to improve their competitiveness. Its auditing and consultancy methods are based on a key core concept: every detail is potentially important and can be a source of added value for the company.

Alma Consulting Group
always acts as a facilitator in the relationship between its client and another entity (administration, company, supplier...), whether this relationship is contractual or regulatory. It is this relationship that the Group seeks to improve, make more efficient and clearer in order to optimise the performance of its clients, whether to develop ambitious innovation and research policies, obtain subsidies, improve social performance, pay the correct sum for social contributions or improve and rationalise non-strategic purchasing…

To carry out its work effectively, the group is organised into 5 main business areas: Innovation & taxes, HR Performance, Grant solutions (grants & subsidies), Purchasing and Copyrights.

Alma Consulting Group (164 M€ in turnover and 1,300 employees) is present in Benelux, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom .

The group is approved by the OPQCM (Professional Body for Management Consultancy Qualification), ISO 9001-2008 certified by AFAQ AFNOR and is a member of Syncost and Syntec Management Consultancy.

Mardi 18 novembre 2014
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