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Lundi 20 janvier 2014 tagR&D, tagInnovation

Alma CG Canada Joins Forces with FEI Canada as Its National Strategic Partner

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Alma CG Canada, a leading provider of innovation funding and cost consulting services in the country, is pleased to announce its partnership with Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada).

FEI Canada is an all-industry professional association for senior financial executives, and Alma CG is proud of its affiliation with the organization as its new National Strategic Partner. Alma CG specializes in helping companies improve profitability without investing capital, changing operational structure, or compromising commercial strategy. The firm’s Canadian and global experts generate additional funding and sustainable savings for its clients by providing them with optimal R&D funding, including SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) and operating cost strategies.

“Alma CG has been helping CFOs and other senior financial executives reduce their overall spend and maximize their innovation funding for over 26 years,” stated Glenn Kerrick, President and CEO of Alma CG’s North American division. “As FEI Canada’s newest National Strategic Partner, we will provide the group’s members with insight into how they can improve their profitability and increase innovation funding within their organizations. Alma CG is looking forward to sharing its knowledge with FEI Canada members through regular contributions to industry publications, as well as participation in thought leadership forums, webinars and a research study on the state of innovation funding.”

Through its national organization and its 11 chapters across Canada, FEI Canada has served the needs of its members for more than 60 years, helping CFOs and executives in Finance, Treasury, and Taxation, face common issues and challenges. FEI Canada provides a private forum for senior financial executives to jointly address the crucial issues that confront them daily and share strategies for improving revenue and profitability.

"In selecting a partner, we evaluate its fit with our objectives, as well as with the overall value we hope to provide to our members,” said Michael Conway, President and Chief Executive Officer, FEI Canada.  “Alma CG’s dedication to helping its clients achieve greater profitability while maximizing innovation funding is perfectly aligned with the goals our membership is looking to achieve. Through this partnership, we aspire to continue providing senior financial executives with the guidance and solutions that ultimately produce tangible results."
About Alma CG
With over 26 years of innovation funding and cost consulting experience, Alma CG specializes in improving client profitability without the investment of capital, changes to operational structure, or compromising commercial strategy. Leveraging the expertise of its Canadian and international specialists, Alma CG Canada offers a one-stop global view to generating additional government funding opportunities and sustainable operational cost savings for its clients. For more information, visit

About FEI Canada
FEI Canada is the all-industry professional membership association for senior financial executives. With 11 chapters across Canada and 1,700 members, FEI Canada provides professional development, thought leadership, and advocacy services to its members. The association membership, which consists of Chief Financial Officers, Audit Committee Directors, and senior executives in the Finance, Controller, Treasury, and Taxation functions, represents a significant number of Canada's leading and most influential corporations. Further information on membership in FEI Canada can be found at


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Lundi 20 janvier 2014 tagR&D, tagInnovation
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