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Lundi 11 juillet 2016 tagFinance & Innovation performance, tagEntreprise responsable, tagCII, tagCIR

Ayming receives confirmation of its referencing for RDTC and ITC support from the French Companies Ombudsman

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Ayming, formed by the merger between Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï, has received confirmation of its referencing as an R&D tax credit and Innovation tax credit consulting group, awarded to Lowendalmasaï in July 2015 by Pierre Pelouzet, French Companies Ombudsman.


Référencement Médiation

Referencing of R&D tax credit (RDTC) and Innovation tax credit (ITC) consulting groups is a system coordinated by the companies Ombudsman that was implemented by RDTC and ITC consulting players, as well as by the companies that are their clients. This referencing distinguishes all organisations, consultants, experts and RDTC-ITC consulting firms that are committed to balanced, sustainable relationships with their clients, with due respect for the administration's requirements.


This referencing recognises 30 years of commitment to our clients in the implementation of solid processes. It confirms our technical expertise and the best practices we use in processing files. Our teams are proud that their work has been recognised in this way”, said Hervé Amar, President of Ayming.

 This referencing, awarded by a State body, provides a supplementary framework of trust that is vital for small and medium sized companies that benefit from the RDTC or ITC. For my teams, recognition of their best practices via referencing is a tremendous driver to push their performance approach even further,” says Jean-Baptiste Hueber, Senior Vice President of Ayming.


Its definition by the Ombudsman made it possible to identify best practices to be encouraged and bad practices to be eliminated. A Charter of RDTC and ITC consulting players was drawn up, at their own request. It features 5 duties and 11 commitments. Ayming was evaluated by the Ombudsman on its capacity to respect these requirements and have our clients' respect them, in a systematic and sustainable manner. The renewal of our referencing was announced by the Referencing Authority, after a favourable opinion from the Committee.


Benchmarking of consulting firms' practices aims to support the development of innovative players by instilling confidence, transparency and simplicity in working methods and discussions”, according to Pierre Pelouzet, Companies Ombudsman.

>> See the charter of RDTC and ITC consulting players


About Ayming


Ayming is a leader international consulting group in business performance, born from the merger of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï, that operates in 14 countries: Germany, Belgium, Canada, China, Spain, France, Hungary, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic. In 2015, the Group has nearly 1,500 employees and had a turnover of € 173 millions.

Ayming provides companies with strategic and operational support to sustainably develop their overall performance in four main areas of expertise: Human Resources, Operations, Finance and Innovation. Ayming’s missions consist in supporting prevention and risk management (securing), optimization of processes, organizations and funding (accelerating), the development of growth strategies and the reallocation of resources (anticipating).


The group is qualified by the Office for Professional Qualification in Management Councils, Member of Syncost and Consult’in France, ISO 9001:2008 certified by AFNOR Certification, a member of the Association of innovation consulting (AIT), the Commission AFNOR standardization on Innovation Management, Technical Association of the Energy and Environment (ATEE) and EWC Professionals' Association (GPC2E).



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